Mojo Membership

For a Confident, Turned ON Life

Mojo Membership

For a Confident, Turned ON Life

Have you ever wished for a sassy, smart BFF? The kind that is loving and wise? The one that doesn’t make you feel bad about what you’re going through. Instead, she always has a hot tip or helps you see the real meaning behind what’s upsetting you. She’s your go to and always delivers. Welcome to YOUR Mojo Membership. Your one stop access for igniting your MOJO and consistently fanning its flames. Inside your Mojo Membership you will find all the answers to unlocking your:

Your Mojo Membership contains 100’s of audios, videos, webinars, Q&As, worksheets and tip sheets.

All categorized and tagged for easy access.
Once you activate your membership, the entire vault is immediately available to you. Literally, over a decade of easily consumable content awaits.

M - Mindset

All things to keep your sweet head screwed on straight. Because this BFF knows all too well how easy it is to go down the gutter (and not the fun kind 😉 ). Ready to have a powerful and positive mindset? Yeah, we thought so.

O - Oracle

Look. We know the road to feeling yummy in your skin ain’t easy. If you’re anything like she is, you’ve gone through some stuff. And now, you want back in. You want IN your body. Like fully embodied, juicy, on fire aliveness IN! That’s what you get with all the Oracle content. Full stop.
Confidence. Radiance. Presence.

J - Joining All Your Roles

Hey. She gets you’re wearing a ton of hats and you juggle life responsibilities better than Bozo the Clown. And, it’s exhausting. Besides that, no one seems to care that you’re sick of the consistent daily grind and all you want is to bust out truly being yourself. Wear the bright lipstick. Take the art class. Change up the same ‘ol, same ‘ol clothing and break the mold. She gets it. She’s showing you how to get fully expressed cuz that’s the Mojolicious way.

O - Oasis

You crave a beautiful, sacred welcoming home. A space where your essence shines though. A space that’s organized, bright and fun. One that fuels you when you get home, not stresses you out. This is her jam. She’s got your back. You will be super wowed when you get a hold of all this info. It’s simple, practical and best of all, one click away.

In addition, new content is added each month.
Because that’s the way this BFF rolls.

You’ll always be in the know with the latest and greatest Mojo content.

PLUS! This BFF makes sure you get in on all the hot mojo deals first. That means you get special access and VIP pricing on events, programs and anything else that pops up.

This BFF thinks the world of you…but mostly, she wants you to feel amazing in your own skin, be super confident about who you are and live the most turned ON life possible.

If you’re ready to be in the know and literally have a lifetime of Mojo immediately, well m’dear, it’s as easy as clicking below.

No hidden fees.
No surprises.
Pure Mojo content.

Lifetime access for one-time fee of $197 (limited memberships available)

NOTE: There are no refunds, exchanges or returns. Once you complete your transaction you get immediate access to the entire Mojo Membership vault. All content is digital. You will have your own unique lifetime log in access.

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Who is your BFF?

Meet Deborah Kagan. Mojo Igniter. Sassy Sister. And Fierce Advocate for the Feminine. Her methods combine over 20 years of information and experience in the fields of personal development, metaphysical studies and embodiment practices. For 12 of those years, she exclusively focused on “Healing the Planet – One Space at a Time™” through her career as a high-end Feng Shui consultant for clients including NBC, Disney, Bellagio Hotel, CAA and William Morris Agency.

Deborah is a popular guest speaker on the topic of M.O.J.O. and how to transform all areas of your life – personal, business and spiritual — into one of creativity, passion and wealth. She’s been interviewed in the media on the likes of KTLA Morning News, KPFK 90.7 and Dr. Drew Midday Live.

As a philanthropist and community activist, Deborah is on the advisory board of Peace Over Violence and is the founder/executive producer of VDAY Santa Monica, a benefit raising awareness and funds to end violence against women and girls.

…Welcome to your Mojo Membership.